Residential Cleaning / Construction Clean Up

Residential: With today's busy lifestyles, it is often difficult to do a thorough cleaning around your home. We will focus on a single room or your entire home. Our staff will meticulously clean your home with our Eco-Friendly cleaning products.

We also provide "in-house" laundry service per your request.

Kitchen "The Mantlepiece of Cleanliness"

We offer exceptional cleaning services, which includes our signature TOP to BOTTOM cleaning in your Kitchen/Eating area. We start with dusting the top of the refrigerator to polishing the outside. We clean your cupboards, stovetop and oven (external) all with superior care. Your microwave and toaster oven are always cleaned inside and out, and your countertops will be cleaned and sanitized. Your sink(s) usually need a little more "elbow grease" and we will do our very best to rid you of those dirty little water stains; you will see the bright and clean sink that you deserve! Lastly, we sweep and "hand wash" your floor to add the finishing touches to your home. Upon request, we can provide you a quote for internal cleaning and/or organization. We offer our "All Phases" cleaning solutions using our Eco-Friendly cleaning products.

Living Rooms and Dining Room(s)

We will dust your enter room from TOP to BOTTOM along with all of your furniture to assist you in eliminating and retaining a dust-free living environment. We will vacuum your carpeted areas and/or "hand wash" your hardwood floors to bring back that beautiful shine so you can kick back and hang out with your family/guests. Furniture will be vacuumed to remove any dust or dirt; pet hair can also be removed (this may incur an additional fee), please let us know if you have any pets in your home. Slider doors will be streak-free with the use of our amazing Eco-Friendly glass cleaner. We can also recommend a highly reputable window and gutter cleaning company to clean your windows and/or gutters inside and out. See Hite Brothers banner on our HOME page, click or call for a fast and affordable quote!

We also offer a Vinyl and Leather conditioner to help rejuvenate your beautiful couch, sofa or recliner. Please do not hesitate to ask about this service.


This room seems to be the room that we all "want" to clean, but we put it off due to the hard water stains, soap scum, and dingy grout. We know that when you walk into your master bathroom, your kiddo's bathroom, or guest bathroom - you would like it to sparkle, feel warm and look clean! We have a miraculous Eco-Friendly bathroom cleaner that will bring back the shine and make that shower look brand new! Your countertops will be cleaned, mirrors will be streak free, and your sinks will be polished. Your floors and baseboards will be "hand washed" and your toilets will be scrubbed and sanitized to remove those nasty water stains.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on how dirty your home is, it might take a few deep cleanings to see these results.


We will dust from TOP to BOTTOM, then vacuum or "hand wash" your hardwood floor. Your room(s) will be straightened up and cleaned to your specifications. You will find your bed professionally made, dresser and night stand(s) cleaned, and any mirrors will be streak free! This room is your "sanctuary" and when you come home... your heart will smile with peaceful comfort.

We also provide "in-house" laundry service per your request using our Eco-Friendly detergent, or the detergent of your choice.

Construction Clean Up

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