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Mike and Mandy of Spokane WA.  have four children ages 11 and under. Mike who is a Patriot, a Loving Father and Husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon and Liver Cancer just last spring. Mike who is currently a pilot for the U.S Air Force has served his country with pride, but will most likely never fly for his country ever again. Mike has already gone through 12 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation to help combat this horrible disease. He has just recently gone through a very intense surgery to remove part of his Liver, remove some lymph nodes and in the same operation a part of his Colon was removed. He is currently fighting for his life to be home with his loving family.

We at Clean R Up LLC and its AWESOME EMPLOYEES had asked each-other to find a deserving family. Each employee voiced they would like to do more for our community, and we proudly couldn’t agree more! These housekeeping ladies (4 of them) spent a day to achieve what they do best, CLEAN! The house was well kept and already clean to most standards, but with four sets of little sticky fingers, school activities, errands and a slew of doctor appointments. It very easy to see a little extra professional help could go a long way.

It is our privilege to give back to our community and we plan on contributing on a regular basis. So if you know of a deserving family who could use a little extra help around the house, PLEASE write us their story and we will decide if our team can come help them with a little elbow grease and a Lot of Love!  


Thank you to all our SUPER BIG HEARTED housekeepers, you are the very best anyone could ever ask for.



Community Cleaning Contribution Effort

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